Campus Credentials and Transportation

Electronic Door Access

IPFW Announcement 6/8/2017:

Effective immediately, building keys will no longer be issued to faculty and staff for after-hours and holiday access to campus buildings. All buildings on campus now have at least one entrance with card access that will be used for this purpose. Physical Plant is recalling exterior door keys and we anticipate having all keys returned by October 1, 2017. Any exterior building door access will need to be granted via one of the card reader doors, the specifics of which will be programmed into your Mastodon Card ID.

 Please contact the Campus Credentials and Transportation Office (formerly Campus Safety) to arrange the return of your exterior door keys and the programing of a new ID card. You may reach the office at 481-6611. Key holders who have not returned their keys by the first week of September will be sent a reminder. Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve the security of the campus community.

To submit a request for Electronic Door Access, please click on this link.  This will prompt you to download an empty spreadsheet to your computer.

Please fill it out and send it to

Campus floor plans with exterior door # and door access locations.