National Student Exchange


We're glad you're interested in NSE! Here's some information you might want to keep handy:

Bette Worley Student Achievement Award

The Bette Worley Student Achievement Award recognizes up to three students annually who demonstrate the best use of their participation in the National Student Exchange, exemplifying the high standards by which Bette Worley, NSE's president, has developed and managed the National Student Exchange. Nominated by either the home or host campus coordinator, students are evaluated by the NSE Council with winners given a cash award of $500.

Form more information, please click here to visit the award page on NSE's website.

Campus Budgets for Financial Aid

Need to know what the campus budget for financial aid is for the school(s) you would like to exchange to? Click here to get details about that school's campus budget from the website.

Submit your photos!

We want to see what you're doing on your exchange! Click here to submit your photo(s) to the website.


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