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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Willard Frye – Computer Technician

Willard helped me during a recent transition between departments. He went out of his way to stop at the helpdesk and talked to them about adding me to the proper print group. This saved me a phone call/email and made it very easy for me in my transition. He didn't have to take that extra step and I want him to know it was truly appreciated!

---Shawna Squibb

Joyce Saltsman – Circulation Manager

Thank you for everything. You are one of the most kind, caring, and patient supervisors that I have ever had the privilege of working for. No matter how long you have been at the helm, you are always willing to go the extra mile, and expect us to do the same. Not just by telling us to do so, but by example. You treat all of us like the human beings that we are, and it is very much appreciated.

---Jacob Slone

Beth Boatright – Associate Librarian

Thank you for being appreciative. I never see you miss a moment to tell someone that they are doing good work, or that you appreciate the hard work they are doing. Even with your immense workload that you have yourself. Thank you for being as awesome as you are.

---Jacob Slone

Jana Lese – Clerk

While I was on vacation last week, I called Jana about 10 minutes before she was to leave for the day because I couldn't remote into Banner to create an ICN course and register a student who needed to be enrolled quickly for Fin Aid purposes. I appreciate her willingness to stay a few minutes longer to assist in this situation. She always has the students' best interests in mind! Thanks, Jana!

---Deb Hein

James Velez – Assistant Director- Academic Liaison & Communication Engagement

Organizing and handling group visits and the Don Days while so many of us are out on the road. You handle the stress of your office with so much grace and I appreciate everything that you do for both the Office of Admissions and the University as a whole.

---Abigail Schnelker

David Stineburg – Assistant Director –Data

You have been working tirelessly on organizing Bus tours, Don days and everything else that gets plopped on your plate. Thank you for trying to keep everyone positive as we move forward with rebranding and for always rolling with the punches.

---Abigail Schnelker

Emily Neild – Graduate Intern for Career Development

Being a Handshake guru!

---Kristine O’Brien

Lynette Bleed – Graduate Teaching Assistant

Thank you for being a great advocate of career services and being a great partner. Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher to encourage and inspire them.

---Kristine O’Brien

Trent Ruble – Police Officer

Assistance with my disabled vehicle. Your excellence in service and professionalism were appreciated. Thank you

---Sarah Didier

Shelley Johnson – Bindery Operator

Shelley Johnson has likely deserved this ripple from me for some time now. It is hard to know who all does the work when it goes to Printing Services, but I know that she has personally stepped in to help me plan the details of my most recent project. She also turned out laminating requests for me at record speed. I am so grateful!

---Lee M. Roberts

Suzanne King – Secretary

Suzanne King (Suzi) has brought such cheer and caring diligence to the ILCS Department! She greets us every day with the sort of warmth that makes it feel like it might be a good day (which it often is). She also has pitched in to help when I needed an extra pair of hands or brought treats to the office to share with all. What thoughtfulness! We are lucky to have her on our team.

---Lee M. Roberts

Ian Johnston – Student Worker

Ian M. Johnston worked hard on part of a lengthy project I submitted to Printing Services this semester, and I could not be more pleased with the results. His dedication and skill level are worthy of high praise. I depend on people at Printing Services, like Ian, to help me produce what I imagine. Thanks to his efforts and expertise, I now hold my dream as a set of physical objects in my hands.

---Lee M. Roberts

Sha’ketah Ledford – Graphic Designer

Sha'Ketah Ledford deserves huge thanks for her commitment & skill. She helped me put together a detailed activity for my German class that is part of a formal study, & she made sure every step of the way that it turned out just as I envisioned it. One cannot ask for more. She is the type who gives 100%, whatever she does. I wish that she were here on a full-time basis. Imagine the possibilities!

---Lee M. Roberts

Lindsay Butcher – Admissions Recruiter

You have been a huge help and relief in this office/on this team. You have exceeded all expectations we had of you and then some. You pick up on everything so quickly and thoroughly, and you have a passion for serving students that is easily seen in each aspect of your work. You are clearly dedicated and bring a very positive presence to every situation. I am proud to have you as a colleague.

---David Stineburg

Roy Danielian – Assistant Director of Admissions

You deserve recognition for your endless commitment to the team. You encompass everything it means to be a team member; always encouraging others, assisting when needed, and bringing balance. This travel season has been tenuous already, and yet you are taking it in stride and working to organize our schedules. You are appreciated Roy!

---David Stineburg

Terel Lynn – Admissions Recruiter

Our campus community has no clue how much of an asset you are to the success of our recruitment. Your energy in working with, and passion in serving, students is evident and impact. Specifically, your work in the Gary, Indiana area is amazing. Those students truly see you as an inspiration as they aspire to be greater themselves. I see you, the work you do, and the lives you are changing.

---David Stineburg

Abigail Schnelker – Admissions Recruiter

Your energy, dedication to perfection, and your commitment to serving our high schools is crucial. It is very much needed, and it is often overlooked. You are a true asset to the University, and I am proud to work alongside you.

---David Stineburg

Melody S. Ferrier

Melody S. Ferrier has helped make my recent big project match my vision by suggesting that we print out a portion of a huge picture so that I could imagine the final product. It saved a ton of money, because I ended up changing the size drastically. This year and last she has helped with my projects, always posing supportive questions. Her attentive care & experience make a big difference here.

---Lee M. Roberts

James Velez - Assistant Director- Academic Liaison & Communication Engagement

You have taken the prospective student experience to a whole new level through the events that you create and manage. You have put in MANY nights and weekends to put the students first and create an unforgettable experience that has led to the highest number of campus visitors in our history. Moreover, the yield rate from those attending your campus visits is high. You are irreplaceable!

---David Stineburg

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