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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Cheyenne Cunningham- Student Employee

Cheyenne, thank you for representing Career Services on the Dining Etiquette Dinner Planning Committee! We appreciate your efforts in pulling together a serving team.


--- Kayla Klimasko

Sydney Miracle- Academic Advisor

  Looking ahead to anticipate needs and processes for the many changes for the Department of Nursing. Eager to learn more and share what she has learned. Much appreciation.


--- Jo Bauman

Lindsay McKenna-Academic Advisor

Lindsey is truly a team player in the CHHS department. Lindsey goes beyond her call of duty of helping out whenever and wherever she is needed without a single complaint. I just want her to know that I appreciate her consideration and teamwork. Lindsey ROCKS!

--- Alice Jordan-Miles

Terel Lynn- Admissions Counselor

Thank you for the way you run travel and recruitment efforts. No one knows how to establish and maintain a recruiting territory quite like you. Thank you for assisting with my territory this Spring as well! You are a valuable team member!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Roy Danielian- Assistant Director, Admissions

Roy, I appreciate the experience and expertise you bring to the Admissions team. I admire your desire to inform, inspire, and convert students to become Mastodons!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Sable Robinson- Admissions Counselor

I appreciate the expertise you bring with regards to transfer students. Your knowledge of the university comes in handy more and more as we strive to expand and grow. Thank you for your contributions to this team!

--- Lindsay Butcher


Sara Underwood – Admissions Counselor

I appreciate your commitment to customer service when it comes to working with prospective and admitted students as they make their final college decisions. Your excitement for this position spreads to all of us!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Sunila Chowdhry – Admissions Counselor

I appreciate that you ask a lot of questions; you are always prepared to assist a co-worker or student with your knowledge and support. You are a game changer!

--- Lindsay Butcher

James Velez – Assistant Director, Academic Liaison and Community Engagement

I appreciate the way you treat others around you with kindness and respect. I enjoy working on special projects with you and learning from your many years of experience in this profession. You are superb at your job and your passion for this university shows in everything you do.

--- Lindsay Butcher

Jordan Parrot – Admissions Counselor

I have loved seeing our social media grow and expand because of you. I admire your new and innovative ideas that will truly allow for ultimate growth. You are a great asset to this team!

--- Lindsay Butcher

David Stineburg – Associate Director, Admissions

I appreciate the opportunities you give our team to really grow and be challenged. You are supportive and show professionalism in all that you do. I admire your desire to make this department and this institution a better place!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Angela Morren- Operations Assistant

I appreciate all of the hard work you do behind the scenes to make our jobs on the front line as easy and effective as possible. You are extremely talented and I am so thankful you are a part of this awesome team.

--- Lindsay Butcher

Belinda Johnson - Clerk

I appreciate your willingness to always assist whenever needed. You are poised, talented, and fun to work with. You make a positive difference in this department!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Michelle Castleman – Temporary, Clerical

I am constantly encouraged by your positive energy and willingness to do whatever is needed. You are a great team player and we are lucky to have you!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Doreen Crunk – Temporary, Clerical

I am grateful for the experience you bring to the table. I know I can always count on you for assistance. You are dependable and reliable and that is rare today. Thank you for being a part of this awesome team!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Alice Rice - Clerk

Thank you for being someone who we all can count on. You are smart and kind and I appreciate you and your commitment to this teams' success.

--- Lindsay Butcher

Sandra Colpean - Clerk

I appreciate your efforts in always being willing to try new things. I appreciate your willingness to help out wherever needed and the hard work that you do. You are a team asset for sure!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Pamela Boon- Information Clerk

I appreciate your willingness to be at the front lines with calls and emails from students and their families. You are extremely knowledgeable and care so much for our team. You are a great part of the success of this department!

--- Lindsay Butcher

Jana Lese – Account Clerk

Jana assisted a student who wanted to visit General Studies (they were out of the office) by listening to her questions/concerns. With such a nice and helpful manner, Jana helped to put the student at ease and took down information to pass on to the GS advisors so that they could get in contact with the student. Thanks, Jana!

--- Deb Hein

Ann Marshall – Assistant Librarian

You not only gave your time to help me plan and prepare for my first instruction session as an IPFW librarian, but you also helped give the instruction. I really appreciate your help and encouragement!

--- Erika Mann

Robin Steenman - Secretary

Your help in obtaining information needed about hosting a Summer Camp on campus. The information you gave me regarding housing, meals, field trips, etc. definitely made my life easier. Thanks!

--- Amy Harrison

Laura Oberholtzer- Clerk; Aimee Gerdes- Associate Registrar

Hand counting the Nursing graduates from 1964 to 1994. We really appreciated you going the "extra mile" so that we could share our total number of graduates at various upcoming ceremonies. Thank you!

--- Sarah Didier

August Novy- Computer Tech

I appreciate August for his patience and continued professionalism with my endless requests for assistance with IT issues. Many times he's had to repeat things over and over until I finally "get it" and he never seems to mind. Besides his patience, I'm very appreciative of his kindness and consideration. I wish I could just have August set up shop next to my office :)

--- Alice Jordan-Miles

Jana Williams – Account Clerk

Jana helped me today from the moment she sat at her desk on a cold Monday morning. She worked on my traveling issue until it got resolved. I appreciated the urgent attention she gave my situation. Thank you Jana - know I appreciate you and all your efforts!

--- Alice Jordan-Miles

Jennifer Pilkington – Business Manager

Jennifer assisted me with an urgent issue from the moment she walked in the door this morning. Her tenacity and attention to my situation brought me enormous amount of relief on a very stressful and demanding day. Thank you Jennifer - know I appreciate and value you!

--- Alice Jordan-Miles

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